Jovi Shai Beauty was founded on the belief that haircare and skincare products should actually repair your hair and skin instead of masking problem areas with fillers and chemicals. We believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body. 


The concept for Jovi Shai Beauty was conceived when I (Erica) was experiencing extreme stress. The stress caused hair loss and blemishes on my skin. After purchasing over $200 worth of skincare products that worsened the problem, we decided to make products of our own. The results were incredible.


Jovi Shai Beauty specializes in making products using organic plants that we grow ourselves. We grow the aloe, lavender, and rosemary plants that go into all of our products. We researched to find suppliers who sell organic and non genetically modified ingredients to ensure that you put the best products possible on your body.


Health for us extends to every person on this planet, and the planet itself. In an effort to reduce our global footprint, we are moving away from plastics, and moving toward more recyclable steel containers. We do not test our products on animals and our recipes are vegan. We know that natural ingredients will not only result in beautiful hair and skin, but more importantly, healthy hair and skin.


That's the promise of Jovi Shai Beauty